Usb Audio Interface

Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface

Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface
Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface
Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface
Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface
Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface

Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface    Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface

Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface. The Tascam Model 16 all-in-one mixer brings the flagship Model 24's powerful recording and mixing features and functionality to a new level of compactness and affordability, creating a fully featured compact mixer that combines the warmth of analogue with a digital workflow. The Model 16 is the perfect mixing solution for small-format live performance, recording and production environments, featuring a multi-track recorder, USB audio interface, effects, comprehensive mixing and routing capabilities, and Bluetooth wireless.

16-track multi-track recorder (WAV, up to 48kHz/24-bit) to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards (Class 10 or higher required). Punch in/out capability (up to 8 tracks simultaneously). Built-in USB Audio Interface to send/receive (16-in/14-out) audio data to/from DAW. 14 inputs (10 Monaural XLR/TRS balanced and 2 Stereo-paired TRS balanced). 10 mic Pre-amps utilizing TASCAM Ultra HDDA Mic Pre-amp technology (CH 1 thru 8).

Pre-amp Gain Controller with Signal/Over-load Indicator (CH 1 thru 12). Input Mode switch (LIVE/USB/MTR) per input channel. 1-knob compressor (CH 1 thru 8). 3-band EQ with a sweep-able mid-range frequency (CH 1 thru 8).

100Hz Low-cut Filter (CH 1 thru 12). Phantom Power (+48V) for all XLR inputs. 3 AUX Outputs (MON 1[pre], MON 2[pre/post], FX[post]).

Mute, MAIN/SUB, PLF switches per input channel. Bluetooth® 5.0 input supporting both AAC and SBC codecs.

LINE Inputs via RCA Pin and 1/8' Stereo Mini jacks (CH 13/14). Hi/Lo shelf, wide and narrow-Q semi-parametric EQs (for Main and SUB outputs). 16 TASCAM Effects like reverb, delay, chorus and flange. MAIN Output via XLR balanced and SUB Output via TRS balanced connectors. 12-segment LED Output Level Meters.

1 Stereo Output for Control Room. REMOTE connector for a Foot Switch (TASCAM RC-1F). Self-emitted buttons for key operations such as REC and Play for better status legibility. Multi Jog-dial for quick menu operation.

19-inch rack mountable with optional Model 16 rackmount kit. FAUX wood Side Panels (Removable). 14 Inputs for Complete Flexibility 14 easy-to-access top-panel inputs provide flexible options for microphones, instruments or other audio sources.

You can connect up to 10 mics, 14 line signals or two instruments for live recording or mixing. There is also a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled stereo input for a streaming audio device that also provides (selectable) RCA connectors and a stereo mini jack for direct connection of CD player or mobile playback device. Pristine Audio Quality Mic inputs 1 through 8 deliver pristine audio quality, featuring Tascam's Ultra-HDDA (High De?

Nition Discrete Architecture) technology for pure, transparent natural tone with ultra-low noise. Professional Channel Strip Control Features A tactile Gain knob tops each channel for precise tweaking of input levels. A push-button low-cut filter and three-position input selector (Live/PC/MTR) facilitate quick and easy control of input source signals. A 1-knob inline compressor is available on inputs 1-8 as is a 3-band EQ with sweepable mid range.

Maximum Audio Routing Possibilities and Monitoring Three Aux busses Monitor 1, Monitor 2 (pre/post) and Effects and PFL (Pre Fader Listen) round out the Model 16's pro-level signal path routing options. A Sub group provides an additional pair of stereo line outputs which can be used to drive an additional amplifier, for example.

The three Aux outs let you route audio signals for stage monitoring, or to external gear such as outboard effects, signal processors or headphone mixes. And an additional Control Room output with individual level fader can be used to drive a pair of powered studio monitors. Powerful Internal 16-Track Digital Recorder The Model 16's multi-track section features a powerful internal 16-track digital recorder, capturing 14 input signals and the main stereo mix simultaneously to an internal SD card in pristine 48-kHz/24-bit quality. Record anything from live performance to rehearsals, worship events, spoken word and meetings. You can also perform overdubs and punch-in/out quickly and easily.

And you can use an optional footswitch for hands-free operation of selected functions. Recorded tracks can be immediately mixed, mastered or exported to a computer for further editing, formatting and publishing.

High-Quality Internal Audio Interface An internal USB audio interface with 16 inputs and 14 outputs captures audio at a sampling rate of 48 kHz and with 24-bit resolution for recording or playing back from an external DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The new-generation Tascam USB driver allows a minimum size of the audio buffer which can be set to as low as four samples.

This results in extremely low latency and the highest level of efficiency when recording audio. Versatile Input Capability Using the channel Mode switch, each channel can select the input source as needed. This allows a super flexible input configuration to be selected where some inputs can be live, other inputs can play tracks from the internal multi-track recorder, while other inputs can play tracks from a computer via USB, all simultaneously. 16 Editable Multi-Effects The Model 16's versatile effects section offers 16 editable and foot-controllable multi-effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and others. Each effect allows one parameter to be changed using the menu. The selected effect can be mixed to the main stereo output using its dedicated fader and can also be applied to monitor busses 1 and 2. 4-Band Master EQ A four-band equalizer with two (wide/narrow Q) sweepable mid-bands can be dialed in for crafting the perfect mix. You can assign this EQ to the main outs or monitor ½ outs as you like. Live Streaming and Podcast Production Model 16 offers a USB stereo mix mode that makes podcast recording or broadcasting convenient and easy.

All you need for this is a laptop or tablet computer or a smartphone with a suitable streaming application. Background music or other audio signals can also be fed from your computer or smartphone into Model 16 to be combined with live signals. The mixed sound will then transfer back to the computer for recording or streaming. Listing correct at time of upload errors and omissions excepted.

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Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface    Tascam Model 16 Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface